Seminar suggestions

Take the chance and contribute to our seminar program

Persontrafik 2021 is offering a unique program with seminars of top quality for everyone working within the public transport sector.

It will be a high-class program that address common issues, current topics, future and development. Here you can listen to new thoughts, healthy ideas and hot debate.

We would like to invite you to make suggestions about what you want to listen to. What topics are you interested in? Do you know any good speaker or maybe a Keynote speaker?

Submit suggestions on topic and/or speakers here » and contribute to the content!

We have already started working with the program so submit your suggestions today!

Thanks in advance!

If you have any questions regarding the seminar program, please contact:

Mattias Andersson, Svensk Kollektivtrafik
+46 8-452 71 39

Charlotte Erlandsson, Sveriges Bussföretag
+46 8-762 71 84